the Edge trainer
and golf performance

Strengthening the Core Visual Skills provides the athlete with the foundational visual input needed to make critical decisions and motor responses at the highest level.

vision training
for golfers

In golf – visual precision is absolutely critical when it comes down to lagging a 50-foot putt or converting an eight-foot par save. The visual system plays a critical role in putting proficiency– whether it be alignment, reading greens or judging the speed and distance of putts.

the core
visual skills

Understanding an athlete’s proficiency in the core visual skills allows players and coaches to identify and correct visual weaknesses and enhance the athlete’s performance on the course.

  • Green Reading
  • Putting Accuracy
  • Alignment
  • Chipping Accuracy

Vizual Flexibility

Enables the ability to judge and pinpoint the target on the green while reading slope, speed, etc.


Impacts a player’s ability to judge distances and navigate coloration of greens, slopes, and shadows that will improve an ability to read a green.


With proper alignment golfers are more capable of properly lining up putts and getting the ball started on its intended path.


Excellent at recognizing patterns in greens to better judge and react to situations for chipping and putting from previous situations.

meet the
edge trainer

The Edge Trainer is a web-based system that allows athletes to evaluate, analyze and train their core visual skills. Regular training with the Edge Trainer improves the speed, coordination, and efficiency of an athlete’s eye movements, equating to improved alignment, green reading, and accuracy on the golf course.