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"As hitters, we always want to see the ball better, but often don’t actually train this skill. Vizual Edge fills that gap for me. I’ve really bought into both their training program and pre-game warm up and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in focusing on this detail of their game."

-Nico Hoerner, Chicago Cubs


"I loved using the 'Game Day' training mode before games this year to get my eyes warmed up and ready to track pitches or ground balls. The Tracking and Pursuit drills were particularly helpful and became a part of my daily pregame routine. I will definitely be incorporating the same drills next season!

-Tommy Edman, St. Louis Cardinals, 2021 Gold Glove Winner


"Vizual Edge has been a great extra tool that I love to use to train my eyes…the training can help improve reaction time and visual memory, which in my opinion can only help you when it comes to playing baseball!"

-Ke'Bryan Hayes, Pittsburgh Pirates

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"Baseball is a game that requires great vision to be an elite performer. We are very excited to be partnering with Vizual Edge to help our players improve their decision making skills, process information more quickly and improve their vision to see the game more clearly"

-Steve Bieser, Mizzou Head Coach

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“We had a record season offensively and I don’t think it was a coincidence that it was the first year we have used Vizual Edge. We saw improvement from almost every single hitter this past year, and I know our hitters felt that was in part due to the vision training that Vizual Edge offers.”

-Billy O'Conner, Xavier Head Coach

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"Vizual Edge is a game changer for our hitting program at Minnesota. Not only does this help train our athletes to better handle the complexities of velocity, pitch recognition, and sequencing but it's also essential for their long term cognitive health. The future of hitting is in training the brain and the mind, and Vizual Edge is on the forefront of developing a more efficient athlete to compete in today's game."

-Packy (Patrick) Casey, Minnesota Asst. Coach

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"I watched one of my players struggle with his ability to decipher pitches. In a very short amount of time, Vizual Edge gave him the ability to see better, compete and gain confidence in his game. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their game."

-Gregg Zaun, World Series Champion

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"After utilizing Vizual Edge, my plate discipline improved 10000%. I never walk and always get myself out. Ever since I started the training I have increased my walks and decreased wasted at bats! Love this training and I plan to continue to use it throughout my career."

-Amanda Chidester, Team USA, Athletes Unlimited, Michigan Asst. Coach

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"Vizual Edge has been a tool that I didn't realize I needed. I work hard on the physical and mental side of hitting, but adding in vision training has been monumental in continuing my career as a pro."

-Sam Fischer, Team USA, Athletes Unlimited

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"It has been really fun training with Vizual Edge. Elite athletes are always trying to find small ways to elevate their game, and this has been it for me! Working on my vision has improved my pitch selection at the plate, allowing me to be on base more and do more damage in the box!

-Hannah Flippen, Team USA, Athletes Unlimited, 2022 AU DPOY

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“I've always found it important to find ways to constantly improve one inch at a time. The ability to see the ball is so important and I liked the easy approach to getting better as a team but more importantly how the program is designed specifically for each player’s strengths and weaknesses. With Vizual Edge, our team really improved the way we saw the ball!"

-Tim Walton, Florida Head Coach

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"The Vizual Edge software has given our student athletes measurable data to show where they can improve when it comes to the visual component of our game. We have seen a higher level of concentration on the hitting side and will continue to use this software throughout the entire season. Vizual Edge is next level when it comes to total performance!"

-Larissa Anderson, Mizzou Head Coach

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"Vizual Edge was a great tool for our hitters to develop their strike zone awareness and pitch selection. All of our players saw positive results with their divergence and convergence statistics. I highly recommend Vizual Edge for game day preparation or just overall visual growth for your athletes."

-Trena Prater, Campbell Head Coach

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“Player development is a central focus of ours and vision training is perhaps the most important piece of an athlete’s development. Vizual Edge offers our athletes an accessible solution to train and learn about the importance of vision training. This partnership will provide our members with access to training, education, and comparison that will elevate their game and development off the field.”

-Jami Lobpries, Executive Director of the Alliance Fastpitch

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"Vizual Edge has brought my game to another level. I'm seeing a significant difference in pitch recognition and seeing the ball earlier out of the pitcher's hand. This has helped me tremendously with pitch selection as well as continuing to put the ball in play with limited strikeouts."

-Anissa Urtez, Team Mexico, Athletes Unlimited, 2021 AU DPOY

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"Since we started using Vizual Edge our hitter’s numbers improved significantly, which in turn helped with zone awareness and improved our program’s more disciplined pitch selection. All of our players saw marked improvement in their divergence and convergence numbers. I highly recommend Vizual Edge and Alex to help your program develop better hitters and overall players."

-Jamie Pinkerton, Iowa State Head Coach

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"I think it's game-changing!"

-Spencer Knight, Florida Panthers

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"It's something you can always keep improving, your tracking & your vision, for me that's something that I really prioritize in my game. Any edge you can find to improve that part of your game, I try and find those."

-Carter Hart, Philadelphia Flyers

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"I can see the improvement in the workouts and I believe it reflects on-the-ice performance!"

-Alexandar Georgiev, Colorado Avalanche

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"I can see my improvement each individual time, from my time starting the program to now. As a goaltender, you're competitive and you want to keep getting better, so being able to track those things as you go is awesome."

-Nicole Hensley, Team USA

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"I've been doing it (Vizual Edge) for the past year and I've seen major improvements with my eyesight and my ability to converge and diverge on pucks!"

-Devon Levi, Buffalo Sabres Prospect, 2022 Richter Award Winner

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"I was introduced to Vizual Edge 5 years ago and it has helped me so much! Highly recommend for all athletes (not only for goalies)!"

-Cayden Primeau, Montréal Canadians, 2019 Richter Award Winner

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"Vizual Edge is the best at improving the way you actually see and perceive things. It has noticeably impacted the way I track the puck.”

-Joseph Woll, Toronto Maple Leafs

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"Convenient & effective way to improve your vision & how you see the game. Only regret is not starting Vizual Edge earlier! If you're not training your vision, you're falling behind!"

-Kasimir Kaskisuo, Leksands IF

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"I feel as though I generated more plays simply from being one step ahead , where that wasn't always the case last year. I use the game day tool as a part of my routine every game day and I find that to be very helpful to stimulate my vision before games.”

-Ben Sharf, Colgate University

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"Working with Vizual Edge was a no brainer as far as our staff was concerned. We work diligently on conditioning, strength, skills and tactics. It only makes sense to improve our visual skills as well. The ability to track the ball is a key in our game and we are looking to train and improve both our tracking and depth perception with this program"

-Rickey Fried, Georgetown Women's Head Coach

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"I have personally used the product and think it is awesome. I recommend all goalies trying Vizual Edge. I think this is a great product for all players that need help tracking and focusing on the ball."

-Mike Gabel, True Lacrosse Co-Owner

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“Vision and visual skills are a huge component of our game that is often overlooked when striving to become better lacrosse players. By utilizing Vizual Edge’s training programs, we are able to assess and work on improving our visual skills in order to be the best players we can be. Vizual Edge creates a unique experience with individual custom training that is designed to take our game to the next level.”

-Kylie Primeau, Primeau Lacrosse & AC Wave Owner

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"What I've noticed is that I'm getting to more balls than I previously would. I feel like I am seeing the ball better and making contact more often on the center of the paddle. My defensive reactions from mid-court are much faster."

-CJ Johnson, We Are Pickleball Co-Owner

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"While this is subjective, I feel I am getting my paddle on and safely returning many more shots that are hit hard at me, particularly to my feet. Some are hard-hit overheads that surprised me and my partners and our opponents when I blocked them back into the NVZ."

-Pickleball User

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"I feel more confident doing a "Game Day" session before playing PB, and when I have great scores, I have had great games that day."

-Pickleball User

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"I feel more confident doing a "Game Day" session before playing PB, and when I have great scores, I have had great games that day."

-Pickleball User

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"There has been an improvement in all areas. On the courts, I'm a lot more focused on the ball and its flight."

-Pickleball User


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