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  • “I've always found it important to find ways to constantly improve one inch at a time. The ability to see the ball is so important and I liked the easy approach to getting better as a team but more importantly how the program is designed specifically for each player’s strengths and weaknesses. With Vizual Edge, our team really improved the way we saw the ball!"
    Head Coach | University of Florida
  • "Our partnership with Vizual Edge was an integral part of our historic season (school-record 47 wins). Alex and his team exceeded our expectations in training and customer service . We are looking forward to our future growth with Vizual Edge!"
    Head Coach | McNeese State University
  • "Vizual Edge has completely changed how I perform on the field. As a high level hitter, you can only do so much scouting and game planning. Vizual Edge has personally helped me increase my ability to track pitches, recognize what pitches I’m seeing earlier and given me full confidence in each plate appearance. This is the training tool I didn’t know I was missing!”
    Athletes Unlimited | 2022 Rookie of the Year
  • "The Vizual Edge software has given our student athletes measurable data to show where they can improve when it comes to the visual component of our game. We have seen a higher level of concentration on the hitting side and will continue to use this software throughout the entire season. Vizual Edge is next level when it comes to total performance!"
    Head Coach | University of Missouri
  • "After utilizing Vizual Edge, my plate discipline improved 10000%. I never walk and always get myself out. Ever since I started the training I have increased my walks and decreased wasted at bats! Love this training and I plan to continue to use it throughout my career."
    Team USA | 2021 Athletes Unlimited Batting Champ | Michigan Asst. Coach
  • "Vizual Edge was a great tool for our hitters to develop their strike zone awareness and pitch selection. All of our players saw positive results with their divergence and convergence statistics. I highly recommend Vizual Edge for game day preparation or just overall visual growth for your athletes."
    Head Coach | Campbell University
  • "Vizual Edge has been a tool that I didn't realize I needed. I work hard on the physical and mental side of hitting, but adding in vision training has been monumental in continuing my career as a pro."
    Team USA | Athletes Unlimited
  • “I have incorporated Vizual edge in my training for almost 2 years now & it has completely changed the game for me. I feel like i can focus better up to bat & really zone in on the pitches I want to swing at. I would occasionally do vision training in college but I never truly understood the importance of it until my professional career. Being consistent with your vision training is what is going to take you to the next level. It’s what will give you that extra edge over your opponents!”
    Team Italy | Athletes Unlimited
  • "Vizual Edge has brought my game to another level. I'm seeing a significant difference in pitch recognition and seeing the ball earlier out of the pitcher's hand. This has helped me tremendously with pitch selection as well as continuing to put the ball in play with limited strikeouts."
    Team Mexico | 2021 Athletes Unlimited DPOY
  • "Since we started using Vizual Edge our hitter’s numbers improved significantly, which in turn helped with zone awareness and improved our program’s more disciplined pitch selection. All of our players saw marked improvement in their divergence and convergence numbers. I highly recommend Vizual Edge and Alex to help your program develop better hitters and overall players."
    Head Coach | Iowa State University
  • "It has been really fun training with Vizual Edge. Elite athletes are always trying to find small ways to elevate their game, and this has been it for me! Working on my vision has improved my pitch selection at the plate, allowing me to be on base more and do more damage in the box!
    Team USA | Athletes Unlimited
  • “Player development is a central focus of ours and vision training is perhaps the most important piece of an athlete’s development. Vizual Edge offers our athletes an accessible solution to train and learn about the importance of vision training. This partnership will provide our members with access to training, education, and comparison that will elevate their game and development off the field.”
    Executive Director of the Alliance Fastpitch
  • "The players that consistently trained have improved in all visual skills needed to be successful softball players. As a result, their average, OBP, BB and slugging % all improved and their strike out ratio decreased. Vizual Edge is great to work with and they design individual programs for each player. Players can train on their computer anytime, anywhere and they even have game day training which has been very beneficial. If you want to become the very best player you can be, offensively, defensively or pitching wise, every team or player should use Vizual Edge!"
    Head Coach | CO School of Mines
  • "The program is individualized and meets the needs of each specific player. The ability for them to do the work on their own, on their own device and with a program built for them made it convenient and exciting for them to do. We saw improvements at the plate for sure, with better pitch identification which led to fewer strikeouts and a higher team batting average!"
    Head Coach | Tufts University

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Elite Youth Softball Players
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Elite Youth Softball Players
NCAA Conferences Represented


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The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge delivers the most advanced vision training available. Backed by 30 years of research and development, the Edge Trainer’s proven system improves reaction time, positional and spatial awareness, and recognition. 100% online and customized completely to you. Before, during or after a game, we've got you covered!
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More walks, less strikeouts and better overall performance are all possible with Vizual Edge vision training. Completing a My Plan, Game Day or Open Gym session with Vizual Edge ahead of a game can make a real difference in your performance!

SEC Softball Training Impact

Pre-Training (2021) 174 (195) 0.299 0.359 0.644 8.7% 14.9% 9.8%
Post-Training (2022) 166 (200) 0.307 0.410 0.651 13.5% 13.0% 10.2%




Whether you're a youth, Division I or Team USA star athlete, Vizual Edge can help your game!
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