Developed to train and perfect the six core visual skills, the Edge Trainer is proven to give you the competitive advantage through enhanced overall vision.

Utilizing technology previously reserved for professional athletes, the Edge Trainer is now available to individuals, teams, and athletes of all levels. Through an interactive online platform, you can now evaluate your vision, identify weaknesses and train to improve your visual skills.

Evaluate :
Evaluate athlete’s proficiency in the six core visual skills.
Analyze :
Analyze results and develop personalized training plan.
Train :
Train core visual skills for optimal athletic performance.

The Edge Trainer delivers a series of training sessions designed to improve the speed, coordination, and efficiency of your eye movements – which equates to improved timing, balance, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and decision making.


Improvements in vision can occur as young as 8 years old. From Little League to Olympic training, athletes of all levels can benefit from training and perfecting the Core Six Visual Skills. Vizual Edge makes it easy to train with brief sessions that can be done virtually anywhere with an internet connection on both computer and tablet devices.


As a result of intensive scientific research, three decades of progressive development, and thousands of case studies, the Edge Trainer is the leading solution for evaluating, training and perfecting the core six visual skills.


Convergence is the ability to focus on objects within close proximity and judge their movement.


Divergence is the ability to locate objects in the distance, impacting an athlete’s ability to anticipate and react.

Depth Perception

Depth perception uses both eyes to locate objects in space to judge their distance, speed, and direction.


Proper alignment creates no difference between the perceived location and actual location of an object.


Recognition is the ability to observe, process and recall a series of visual targets, and respond properly.


Tracking allows you to follow an object while continuously monitoring all other aspects of the game.

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Evaluate 1 Player

25 Sessions

Evaluation & Training
for 1 Player

100 Sessions

Evaluation & Training
for 4 Players



Price: $32.00 $200.00 $800.00 Contact Us
Maximum Athletes: 1 1 4 Depends on Plan
Number of Sessions: 1 25 100 Unlimited
Number of Glasses: 1 1 4 One per athlete

Evaluation Package

Evaluation for 1 Player

Maximum Athletes: 1
Number of Sessions: 1
Number of Glasses: 1
Price: $32

25 Sessions

Evaluation & Training for 1 Player

Maximum Athletes: 1
Number of Sessions: 25
Number of Glasses: 1
Price: $200

100 Sessions

Evaluation & Training for 4 Players

Maximum Athletes: 4
Number of Sessions: 100
Number of Glasses: 12
Price: $800

Team Plans

Subscription-Based Plan

Maximum Athletes: Depends on Plan
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Number of Glasses: One per athlete
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frequently asked

What is the Training Procedure?

Typically, training takes place 3 times per week for 10-15 minutes per session.

How long does a session last?

A session can run for up to 20 minutes. Most athletes train for approximately 8 – 12 minutes.

What size monitor/screen is required?

Computers: Minimum screen size is 15 inches, up to a maximum of 26 inches (diagonal measure).

Mobile Devices: The smallest screen currently supported is an Apple iPad 1 which is 1024 x 768 px (or 768 x 1024 px if rotated).

What is the optimal viewing distance from the monitor/screen?

Approximately 18 to 24 inches is the best range.

Should I wear my glasses or contacts when I evaluate and train?

It is essential that the athlete wear proper vision correction and have their eyesight checked/corrected before using the product.

What if I've had laser eye surgery?

That’s ok! You can still train and perfect your visual skills with the Edge Trainer.

What if I use bifocals?

Use the distance portion of glasses for testing and training.

When can I expect to notice improvements in my athletic performance?

Typically, an athlete will notice an initial improvement in their ability to “see” the ball, puck, or field after 2 – 4 weeks of training.

What are the red and blue glasses for?

The glasses allow you to experience 3D perception. They are required for the Alignment, Depth Perception, Convergence and Divergence Exercises in both Evaluation and Training. They are not used for the Recognition or Tracking Exercises.

Can any red and blue 3D glasses be used?

Glasses from other manufacturers may not be color compatible with the Edge Trainer. Polarized glasses cannot be used.

Can I train during my season?

Yes. Our experiences with professional sports teams have shown that training is effective in and out of season.

Will this training affect my ability to read?

This type of training was originally developed for children with reading disorders. Since similar visual skills are used for both sports and reading, there is frequently a crossover benefit.

Will training reduce the need for the use of glasses or contact lenses?

This type of training will not improve your visual acuity or remove the need for contact lenses or glasses.

What is the ideal setting to do my evaluation and training?

Ideally, you would take the evaluation or training in a dimly lit room, minimizing glare on the screen.

If I stop training will my skills diminish?

Visual training is analogous to weight lifting – if you stop training your visual system will start to reduce towards your initial baseline score.