Shane T. Gilliam, David J. Szymanski, Michael T. Braswell, Andrew T. Britt, Charles F. Cicciarella, Amanda L. Herring, Brannon T. Holloway, Hannah E. Lowe, Jeffrey D. Potts, Jessica M. Szymanski, Megan E. Till, and Frank J. Spaniol. Louisiana Tech University/Applied Physiology Lab, Ruston, LA

TITLE: The Effect of Vision Training on Pitch Recognition(PR) of NCAA Division I Baseball Players

PURPOSE: To investigate the effect of preseason vision training on pitch recognition.

RESULTS: Univariate ANOVAs comparing group 1 and 2 revealed that group 2 significantly (p < 0.05) improved in PR (p = 0.028).

CONCLUSIONS: Data suggests that vision training using Vizual Edge Program can improve a baseball player’s pitch recognition.

PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Improved Pitch Recognition (PR) may allow a hitter to be more selective in the batter’s box, thus increasing the possibility of being more accurate at bat-ball contact.

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