December 20, 2018
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Regardless of the sport, an athlete has been someone who has both the physical and mental traits to set them apart from the average person. Whether it be strength, stamina, pace or mental prowess, superior athletes tend to possess these traits better than most.

When it comes to electronic sports (esports), vision is of the utmost importance for success, and having superior vision can quickly separate the average gamer from a professional one.  Target identification, reaction time, visual comprehension and positional awareness are all key skills professional gamers have attributed to their success in the esports industry. “Vision, alone, is half of what we do in esports,” says Andrew Barnett, CEO of Legacy eSports, whose company brings the world of esports to the academic sphere. “Tracking all different things at once on a screen is the biggest challenge for gamers…everything is about reaction time,” Barnett adds.

Vizual Edge is a company founded on the principle that better vision can lead to better performance, not only in athletics but also in esports. The Edge Trainer, Vizual Edge’s visual training product, focuses on improving six core visual skills: alignment, depth perception, convergence, divergence, recognition, and tracking. All of these skills factor into an athlete's overall visual score, known as the Edge Score.

While analyzing a player’s proficiency in all of the six skills is often important, there are two skills essential for superior esports performance: recognition and tracking. Recognition is the ability to observe, process, and recall a series of visual targets, and respond properly. Superior recognition skills allow the gamer to identify patterns in the landscapes, tactics, and their opponents’ movements and actions.

Tracking allows the gamer to process and follow an object while continuously monitoring all aspects of the game. Being able to locate an object or enemy and react quickly often leads to higher success rates in gaming, particularly action games. By improving the six core visual skills - with special attention paid to recognition and tracking - gamers will notice a significant improvement in their reaction time, peripheral vision, and overall awareness.

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