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Hounds Baseball Organization Adds Vizual Edge Training To Off-Season Regimen

September 16, 2019

The Hounds Baseball organization out of Willowbrook, Illinois has added Vizual Edge Training to their off-season training regimen.

"I'm very excited to have our players train their visual system with Vizual Edge this upcoming off-season and in-season," says Sean Osborne, Owner and Director of Hounds Baseball. "The data shows players who have better visual skills have better on-field performance."

Hounds players will come to Joliet Junior College on October 27th for an initial kickoff where Vizual Edge will test players and educate each player on how to use the system properly

"Aside from the improvement in visual skills players will see, as a coach the ease of use of The Vizual Edge system is one of the key reasons I've implemented this with my own players I train. Players can use Vizual Edge training at the facility or at home and see improved visual skills. 80% of your sensory information comes from your eyes, so It's a no brainer to me," says Osbourne.

Vizual Edge training is designed to help players improve their core six visual skills using their online training platform, The Edge Trainer. Every player's training program is completely customized to their needs and can be easily implemented throughout any travel organization.

Contact Connor Powers at 6305449096 or for more information and pricing for your travel organization.

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