Contrast Sensitivity

Added to Vizual Edge Training

December 16, 2020

We have developed a new training exercise that tests your ability to distinguish between finer and finer increments of light versus dark. By adding this new exercise, Vizual Edge now has 9 exercises in total, making the Edge Trainer the most complete vision training technology.

What is Contrast Sensitivity?

Contrast sensitivity is a very important measure of visual function, especially in situations of low light, fog, or glare, when the contrast between objects and their background often is reduced. Driving at night is an example of an activity that requires good contrast sensitivity for safety.

Contrast Sensitivity Exercise - Choose the icon that differs in contrast

Some sports vision experts believe contrast sensitivity provides a better indicator of visual sharpness than visual acuity.

Impact On Athletes

Contrast sensitivity, the ability to quickly identify and track objects against various backgrounds, is an important visual skill for athletes who play in challenging conditions and varying lighting levels.  In athletics, the level of contrast sensitivity can make a split-second difference, naturally impacting things like hitting, kicking, or catching the ball.

An example of this is baseball or softball players trying to track the ball as it leaves the hand of a pitcher or off the bat of a hitter during a night game under lights. In adverse conditions where shadows or light present an obstacle to a hitter, it is critical for a hitter to have strong contrast sensitivity skills.

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Shadows on the field call for excellent Contrast Sensitivity as a hitter.

Other examples of how contrast sensitivity affects athletes is the ability to quickly locate the puck on long shots through traffic and the ability to locate the puck in a scrum. In football, the ability to catch a high arching throw or punt takes a strong sense of contrast sensitivity, especially during games at night or games where the sun is overhead.

Accessing Contrast Sensitivity

Our new Contrast Sensitivity exercise can be accessed within the Edge Trainer program for training purposes. To locate the Contrast Sensitivity exercise, log in to your account > select TRAIN > Choose the OPEN GYM training option > select the Contrast Sensitivity exercise.

If you have any questions about Contrast Sensitivity or accessing the exercise, please be sure to email

If you enjoy Contrast Sensitivity be on the lookout soon for an elevated Contrast exercise...

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