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New Edge Trainer Feature:

Compare Evaluation With Pros

March 2, 2020
New Edge Trainer Feature: Compare Evaluation With Pros VE-header2-01-2-1024x576

As a Vizual Edge athlete, coach or GM of a "youth" team, you now have the ability to easily download a PDF report compares a youth athlete's evaluation to professionals in the same sport.

Compare Evaluation With Pros

Upon completing a visual skills evaluation on the Edge Trainer, Vizual Edge automatically compares your results against other athletes of same sport and level in our database. This information allows you to better understand how your current visual skills rank against your peers, as well as highlight areas for improvement.

Vizual Edge's latest Edge Trainer update not only allows you to compare your evaluation scores against your population set, but now enables you to see how your visual skills rank against professional players in your sport. This feature provides athletes, parents and coaches with better insight as to how a youth athlete's current visual skills would translate at the professional level at this stage in their career.

New Edge Trainer Feature: Compare Evaluation With Pros comparewithpros2

As a youth athlete, coach or GM of a Vizual Edge youth team, log into your account and click the 'Stats' tab on the left side of the screen. After navigating to the 'Athlete Card' click the 'Compare With Pros' check box and press 'Download PDF' to view a Pro comparison PDF. If the check box is not present, then the athlete's account is not set up as a Youth account.

Each evaluation report includes an athlete's results, percentile ranks, textual descriptions for the correlation of a given visual skill in your sport, and textual rating. The Vizual Edge textual ratings are defined as 'Superior', 'Excellent', 'Good', 'Average', 'Fair', 'Poor' and 'Very Poor'.

For more information regarding the Youth-Pro comparison PDF report, please visit


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