Vision Training by Vizual Edge Featured on ESPN's SEC Network

Vizual Edge has long been used as a tool in Major League Baseball. First, as a scouting tool to identify hitters with elite processing skills, then as a player development tool. Vizual Edge has used that success in Major League...
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43 Feet - Vision Training in Softball

43 Feet. That is all that stands between the pitcher and the hitter. With the speed the ball travels at a short distance this does not give a hitter very much time to make a decision - to swing or...
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Vision Training for Showcases & Camps

Adding Value to Your Events Showcases and camps are a great way to attract new clientele, but you must continue to add to the showcase and camp experience. New technologies have emerged across the sports industry and are a great...
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Adding Vision Training to Your Hitting Routine

When I was growing up, technology in my baseball training was a luxury. Occasionally during batting practice sessions with my dad, we might talk my mom into lugging a suitcase-sized VHS camera to record some of my swings. Afterward, I’d...
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