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Featured on ESPN's SEC Network

May 25, 2022

Vizual Edge has long been used as a tool in Major League Baseball. First, as a scouting tool to identify hitters with elite processing skills, then as a player development tool. Vizual Edge has used that success in Major League Baseball to expand to other sports, including Softball. While baseball and softball have similar visual demands, softball presents its own unique challenges that differ from baseball.

These demands have led to an increase in vision training in the sport of softball. Here at Vizual Edge, we have seen our softball clientele grow exponentially as we've partnered with the Alliance Fastpitch and Athletes Unlimited. We also have seen Vizual Edge spread across collegiate softball.

In the clip below, you see Vizual Edge is highlighted on ESPN's SEC Network for our work with Mizzou Softball. All hitters on the Mizzou team trained with Vizual Edge to improve their visual processing skills and utilize our Game Day Training mode before games!

The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge is a web-based vision training tool that enables the assessment and training of the visual processing components necessary to connect visual information to the brain. Activating that go/no-go decision. 

Softball presents a demanding challenge to the hitter. As hitters advance levels, the distance of the mound doesn't change by much - which means increased pitching velocity and even less time to make a proper decision at the plate.

If a hitter can more quickly identify when the pitcher releases the ball out of the hand (Recognition)...if they can more quickly pick up the spin on the ball after it is released (Divergence)...if they can better track the ball as it breaks and crosses the plate (Convergence)...they might have a better chance of making better decisions in the batter’s box. Hitting is an exercise of pitch recognition and switching from divergence to convergence, which are all skills that we train in our program.


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