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January 19, 2022

Adding Value to Your Events

Showcases and camps are a great way to attract new clientele, but you must continue to add to the showcase and camp experience. New technologies have emerged across the sports industry and are a great way to add to the showcase and camp experience. Athletes are able to get a taste of the new technology in a setting that is designed to help them showcase and grow their skills.

Vizual Edge has been a great tool added to showcases and camps. Vizual Edge allows showcases and camps to give baseline assessments to athletes using only a computer and a pair of our red-blue glasses. Not only do you take an assessment with Vizual Edge, but you are also given a customized training plan based on your assessment. This helps provide more value and retention for your showcases and camps, knowing that you will have training opportunities outside that event.

Showcases & Camps

Vizual Edge has been an integral part of Prep Baseball Report's showcases over the past year. "This partnership is a great value to all the players coming to Prep Baseball Report events," said Prep Baseball Report President Sean Duncan. "The old baseball mantra of 'see ball, hit ball' is easier said than done. Vizual Edge gives players the data they need to see where their vision is and how they can improve it.

Not only is Vizual Edge active in baseball showcases, but is becoming common practice when it comes to Goalie Camps in hockey or Pickleball Pro Camps.

Vision Training at PBR Showcases

Scalability & Generate Additional Revenue

The product is extremely scalable which makes it easy to replicate in most showcase and camp settings. There are also ample opportunities for showcase providers and camp coordinators to generate additional revenue while using Vizual Edge for their events.

If you're interested in adding Vizual Edge to your showcase or camp please reach out to for more information.

Vision Training for Showcases & Camps


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