Vizual Edge Inks Deal With Mizzou Baseball

Vizual Edge, a leading visual assessment and performance training company for athletes, has announced a partnership with the University of Missouri Baseball program for the 2020-2021 season. A member of the SEC, arguably the most competitive conference in all of...
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Understanding The Importance Of Pursuits

Vizual Edge recently developed a new visual tracking exercise that focuses on smooth eye movements, also known as pursuits. By adding this new exercise, in addition to the saccadic tracking exercise that has been used by thousands of athletes on...
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Inside Vizual Edge Testing

Article from Brandon Hall Executive Director of Prep Baseball Report, North Carolina The spring season is on hold and most of America is stationed at home as the country, and world, fight COVID-19.  Behind the scenes, the staff at PBR...
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Scouting, Technology & Data Analysis In One Event - Prep Baseball Report

Article from Prep Baseball Report Since 2005, Prep Baseball Report’s mission has been to provide the most credible scouting and event platform to help players and recruiters alike. As baseball has evolved, so have we. Prep Baseball Report has recently partnered...
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PBR's Super 60 - Vizual Edge Recap

2020 Super 60 Showcase Recap This year at the PBR Super 60 showcase, Vizual Edge, an industry leader in visual skills assessments and training, put the prospects through a visual skills baseline test as part of the evaluation process. The...
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Hounds Baseball Organization Adds Vizual Edge Training To Off-Season Regimen

The Hounds Baseball organization out of Willowbrook, Illinois has added Vizual Edge Training to their off-season training regimen."I'm very excited to have our players train their visual system with Vizual Edge this upcoming off-season and in-season," says Sean Osborne, Owner...
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The Connection Between On-Base Percentage & Visual Skills

Over the past decade, Vizual Edge has recorded over 12,000 evaluations from MLB draft prospects. Currently, there are 118 players on MLB rosters who had taken a visual skills evaluation with Vizual Edge. We found that of those 118 players,...
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Northern Illinois University Baseball Implements Vizual Edge Training

Northern Illinois University Baseball team has implemented Vizual Edge Training to their training regimen. "I'm a huge proponent of Vizual Edge. It gives our staff and players deeper insights into how their visual system impacts their performance," NIU Baseball Assistant...
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The Triple Crown of Baseball Visual Skills - Convergence, Recognition, and Tracking

Baseball Players With Better Visual Skills Advance Further and Have Better On-Field Performance. Vizual Edge has been working with Major League Baseball teams for the last 15 years to help teams gain more insights into the visual systems of potential...
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Depth Perception In Sports

Dr. Barry L. Seiller 04/2019 We use our visual skills almost every waking minute and seldom give them much thought. These include not just your eyesight, but eye movements. Whether for sport, work, or general daily function, eyesight becomes second...
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