Vizual Edge Announces Partnership with PROGRAM 15

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (June 10, 2019) – Vizual Edge, a leading research and development company focusing on visual performance training for athletes, has announced a strategic marketing partnership with PROGRAM 15, the Official Global Grassroots Player Identification and Development Program for...
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Vision Training's Effect on Batting Performance

Shane T. Gilliam, David J. Szymanski, Michael T. Braswell, Andrew T. Britt, Charles F. Cicciarella, Amanda L. Herring, Brannon T. Holloway, Hannah E. Lowe, Jeffrey D. Potts, Jessica M. Szymanski, Megan E. Till, and Frank J. Spaniol. Louisiana Tech University/Applied...
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Performance of Major League Baseball Hitters

Jason Houze, MS 1* and Frank J. Spaniol, Ed.D., CSCS*D, FNSCA 2 1 Department of Kinesiology, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, TX; jhouze@islander.tamucc.edu2 Department of Kinesiology, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, TX;* Correspondence:; Tel.: 361-878-5140 Abstract: The...
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Vision of High School Baseball Players

Frank J. Spaniol, Ed.D., CSCS*D Professor, Department of Kinesiology Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of high school baseball players that participated in Vizual Edge Performance Training (VEPT). Visual skills...
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Baseball and Vision: Do Pitchers Need to See?

By: Barry L. Seiller M.D., Kathleen Puchalski R.N.Visual Fitness Institute Baseball is a visually demanding sport and of course, pitchers need to see. When it comes to the sport of baseball and the impact of vision performance on field, most...
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Visual Skills of Pro Baseball Players

Tim Rodmaker “You can’t hit what you can’t see” How important is sports vision to batting performance in professional baseball players. This was a question that the Sport Science Research Lab at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi set out to answer....
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