Understanding The Importance Of Pursuits

Vizual Edge recently developed a new visual tracking exercise that focuses on smooth eye movements, also known as pursuits. By adding this new exercise, in addition to the saccadic tracking exercise that has been used by thousands of athletes on...
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Vizual Edge Partners With True Lacrosse

Vizual Edge, a leading research and development company focusing on visual performance training for athletes, has announced a partnership with the True Lacrosse, a National premier club lacrosse program, which offers its members the opportunity to work with experienced, professional coaches,...
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Goalies Using Juggling, Online Tools To Stay Sharp During NHL Pause

Article from by Kevin Woodley, an NHL Independent Correspondent Hart still uses online tools for vision and mental training but has switched to a program called Vizual Edge that he can use on an iPad even when the Flyers are...
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Visual Training Platform Making Inroads With NHL Teams, Players

Article from Mark Burns of Sports Business Daily Vizual Edge, a visual training and development platform, now counts roughly a third of NHL teams as customers after company VP/Hockey Adam Micheletti said“close to four” teams have been addedover the past...
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New Tech Tools Score High With Sports Vision Trainers

Article from Brian Dunleavy of 20/20 Magazine Vision training for athletes needs to start with an evaluation of their current needs. That includes an assessment of their eye/hand coordination, reaction time and “anticipation”—their ability to essentially predict what will happen...
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