Visual Training Platform Making Inroads With NHL Teams, Players

Sports Business Daily

April 24, 2020
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Article from Mark Burns of Sports Business Daily

Vizual Edge, a visual training and development platform, now counts roughly a third of NHL teams as customers after company VP/Hockey Adam Micheletti said“close to four” teams have been addedover the past few weeks. The specific teams were not mentioned. The Flyers are the only known club to be utilizing the training resource, which helps players develop and improve visual skills like depth perception, recognition, and tracking, among others. Through a web-based platform, Micheletti explained, hockey participants, in particular, can improve the speed and accuracy with which they process information, see the puck better on the ice, and find open passing lanes to teammates quicker. The tool is designed to be used for 10-15 minutes three times a week.

NO GLASSES FOR NEW PROGRAM: Micheletti said while working with NHL teams, VizualEdge has also created a gameday training program that does not require players to wear the normal 3Dglasses when using the system. The new regimen was developed after the Chicago-based company noticed an NHL goalie utilizing the system two hours prior to a game. At that point, he said, the team could determine which goalie was that evening’s starting netminder. “Goalies, in general, have been working on their training in some shape or form for a lot longer than a typical skater,” Micheletti said. “They have gravitated toward it much quicker than a skater.”

HART BIG ON PRODUCTS: One of the known NHLers to use VizualEdge is Flyers G Carter Hart, who has been outspoken publicly about its benefits. Hart said, “You still have old-school guys and old-school coaches that think and do things the old-school way. I personally think a lot of goalies, especially younger ones, are moving in this direction of visual training.” VizualEdge also works with MLB players, members of the PGA Tour, and the NHL Officials Association. 

You can view the rest of the article here.

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