Goalies Using Juggling, Online Tools To Stay Sharp During NHL Pause


April 24, 2020
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Article from by Kevin Woodley, an NHL Independent Correspondent

Hart still uses online tools for vision and mental training but has switched to a program called Vizual Edge that he can use on an iPad even when the Flyers are on the road. 

He has used mental training tools to stay sharp when he missed games because of injury in each of his first two NHL seasons and is back to using them while waiting out the pause at home in Sherwood Park, Alberta. That work includes the online vision-training program and concentration grids.

The concentration grid times a user tracking numbers (one through 100 on a 10x10 grid). Hart has done it in 1 minute, 51 seconds, a record among Stevenson's clients. Hart is also training with juggling. 

"I've just got four balls so far, but I've been doing the Vizual Edge four times a week now on the iPad," Hart said. "And I also have my concentration grids before bed."

The hope for NHL goalies is the extra mental training and ball work will make it easier to concentrate and catch pucks again when they get back on the ice.

You can view the rest of the article here.

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