Pickleball Fire: Vision Training to Improve Your Game

Article from Pickleball Fire Magazine - January 2022 Pickleball players tend to spend a lot of time on the physical aspect of the game. But have you considered improving your vision skills so you can know where your opponent's shot...
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Red, Yellow, Green Light Recognition in Pickleball

One of the most important Pickleball tips I could have benefited from early in my playing days is what I call Red, Yellow, Green Light Recognition. Like many former athletes that find their way to the pickleball court, I started...
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4 Pickleball Drills You Can Do By Yourself this Winter

Anyone bitten by the pickleball bug knows that half the joy of playing is the community and camaraderie we share with the groups we play with. Even an “off” day on the court is still filled with smiles, laughs, and...
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The 4 Skills Pickleball Players Can Learn From The Pros

The skills of players and broadcast of pro pickleball tournaments have improved exponentially over the last couple of years. Gone are the days of watching a single, static feed with no commentary from the baseline at much too high of...
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How Vision Training Can Improve Your Pickleball Performance

We can all point to some positives we took out of the pandemic, whether it be new habits, hobbies, interests, or tastes we picked up with our increased time at home. One hobby I can point to is my budding...
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