2020 Vizual Edge MLB Analysis - Part 1

I’ve written before about how Vizual Edge differentiates itself with its longevity as a test used by MLB teams for well over a decade. With most of the top hitters taking our visual evaluation each draft (including over 98% of...
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How MLB Teams Use Tech: MLB Draft

For decades, the only sources of information used to make decisions in the draft were scouts and their reports. Scouting staffs blanketed the country, at times aided by the scouting bureau, bird-dog scouts, and any other local trusted sources they...
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Breaking Down the Edge Score: Baseball & Softball

Vizual Edge’s composite Edge Score represents a snapshot of an athlete’s core-six visual skills. While it’s a nice benchmark number for athletes, parents, and coaches to track and improve with visual training exercises, the components that make up the Edge...
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Recognizing Good Pitches to Hit

When you talk to most any pro or college hitter, they’ll admit that hitting is as much a visual challenge as it is a physical one. After spending countless hours as a minor leaguer trying to clean up the mechanics...
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