The Importance of Visual Alignment in the Evolution of Gaming

Esports once thought of as a stagnant and skill-less hobby has emerged as the world’s fastest-growing sport and has attracted a wide variety of players and viewers of all different ages. It is now considered a competitive sport and high...
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3 Traits of Elite Hitters

One of the most common questions I get from my days as a scout is, "What are the traits of elite hitters?" I got a look at so many elite-level baseball players and athletes. I always enjoyed learning their backstories...
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Utilizing Vision Training in the Pitching Ninja Era

Shane Baz made his major league debut the other night. With the influx of young elite arm talent in the MLB, vision training is becoming a popular form of player development. Unless you’re a prospect enthusiast or a passionate ardent...
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McKnight's Insights: 2021 MLB Draft Recap

Another MLB draft has come and gone, and for all involved, it’s always something of a bittersweet feeling. While it’s nice for scouts and players to be rewarded for the fruits of their labor (and indulge in some much-deserved downtime),...
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McKnight's Insights: Combating High Octane Fastballs

This likely isn’t news to anyone that reads this blog, but the average fastball in 2021 is again at a record high- it’s now over 93 MPH, and leaning on history, it’s apt to only climb when pitchers typically see...
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