Vision and Baseball: It's More Than 20/20

A great swing and athletic talent can only take a ball player so far in their career. More often than not, the trait that separates average from elite hitters is their vision, which is one of the most overlooked aspects...
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2023 Super 60 - Vizual Edge Testing Recap

Last month marked another tremendous Super 60 Pro Showcase, presented by Prep Baseball Report (PBR), where the top high school and draft-eligible players put their skills on display in Chicago in front of MLB scouts. As the Official Vision Evaluation...
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4 Vision Training Exercise To Enhance Your Tracking

There are many skills that make up the top hockey players, and with game speeds moving faster than ever before, goalies and skaters alike need to have exceptional processing speeds to track a quick-moving puck. Thus, it's no surprise that...
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2022 Super 60 Recap: Vizual Edge Testing

2022 marked the 20th anniversary of Prep Baseball Report's Super 60 Pro Showcase in which the top draft-eligible players put their skills on display in Chicago. Just as the previous two Super 60 events, Vizual Edge was in attendance as...
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Vizual Edge Training Plan Updates

As we continue to create new exercises for our Edge Trainer vision training platform, Vizual Edge is committed to providing you with the best possible experience while training. Vizual Edge has updated all users' customized training plans ("My Plan") to...
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McKnight's Insights: 2021 MLB Draft Recap

Another MLB draft has come and gone, and for all involved, it’s always something of a bittersweet feeling. While it’s nice for scouts and players to be rewarded for the fruits of their labor (and indulge in some much-deserved downtime),...
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Training Hockey Sense With Vizual Edge

When coaches and general managers are asked what they are looking for the most in a hockey player, they always mention "hockey sense." As the game of hockey continues to get faster, hockey sense is becoming more and more vital....
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McKnight's Insights: How MLB Hitters Are Using Vizual Edge

We’re often approached by younger athletes wondering how to best utilize Vizual Edge’s online vision training program. Our answer: there’s no better place to go than directly to the athletes at the highest level, who use our system both as...
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SportTechie Panelist Recap: Seeing the Future of Sports Requires Great Vision

Last week I had the opportunity of being on a SportsTechie panel (hosted by Joe Lemire) along with a host of vision experts, to discuss the impact vison has on sports and the increasingly important role it will play in...
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Leading Off The NCAA Baseball Season: Our SEC Analysis

Ahead of the start of the 2021 college baseball season (though it certainly doesn’t feel like baseball season yet throughout most of the US), we thought we might ride the wave of interest across the internet with a college baseball...
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