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June 7, 2019

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (June 7, 2019) – Vizual Edge, a leading research and development company that focuses on providing visual performance training for athletes, has strategically aligned with Elite Edge Athlete, a Colorado-based organization dedicated to helping young athletes establish a strong foundation of visual and mental skills. By joining forces, these two sports-minded companies will offer individuals an opportunity to maximize their youthful, athletic potential through a three-channel approach, including an intensive visual training program, mental strengthening guidance, and one-on-one athletic coaching.

Utilizing technology previously reserved for professional athletes, Vizual Edge developed the Edge Trainer to serve athletes at all levels. The computer-based training module combines 3D technology with decades of advanced clinical research in sports vision to sharpen neural pathways between the eyes and brain. Athletes go through a series of training sessions designed to improve the speed, coordination, and overall efficiency of their eye movements based on six core visual skills, including convergence, divergence, depth perception, alignment, recognition, and tracking. Hockey players, specifically, enjoy improved puck tracking, passing abilities, rebounding, anticipation, and positional and spatial awareness as a result of the training.

“We’re grateful that our product has been given this vessel, through Elite Edge Athlete, to reach and elevate the lives of even more young athletes, ” said Ryan Warkins, Chief Operating Officer at Vizual Edge. “We look forward to a long relationship with Elite Edge Athlete and cannot wait to see how our partnership will elevate the lives of our clients, both on and off the field.”

The collaboration between Vizual Edge and Elite Edge Athlete fosters a unique approach to sports training that encourages a whole mind and body alignment.

Founded in February 2018, Elite Edge Athlete is the brainchild of former professional ECHL hockey player, Ryan Massa. Bringing to the table nearly two decades of hockey instruction, Massa combined his knowledge of and personal experience with sports psychology along with the proven technique of visual training to develop a full-circle slant on athletic preparation. With a strong focus on young athletes, ages 12-18, the Elite Edge Athlete program, which leans heavily toward hockey and baseball players, can be utilized successfully at any age and for any sport.

“My goal is to give young athletes the proper tools to succeed on and off the field,” said Ryan Massa, Co-Founder of Elite Edge Athlete and former ECHL player. “The Elite Edge Athlete program offers three, distinct channels for this and Vizual Edge is the crown jewel. Our clients optimize their potential with everyday skills that promote development on the field and in the classroom. Kids, athlete or not, benefit when they’re taught the art of resilience at an early age; how to manage emotions and channel them in a positive manner. I want to help create better people, not just better athletes.”

Utilizing a three-channel approach to help individuals reach their athletic potential and optimize their competitive advantage, the Elite Edge Athlete system focuses on professional goaltender training, mental resilience development, and Vizual Edge performance training. Clients receive one-on-one training from Elite Edge Athlete Co-Founder, Ryan Massa, with an individualized approach that fulfills each individual’s personal preference.


Headquartered in Colorado, Elite Edge Athlete provides performance development solutions for athletes that want to maximize their athletic potential. Elite Edge Athlete offers professional goaltender training, mental resilience development, and Vizual Edge performance training. For more information about Elite Edge Athlete, please visit


Vizual Edge is a market leader in visual performance assessment and training using its web-based platform, the Edge Trainer. Over the past 15 years, the Vizual Edge team has designed and implemented visual performance programs for Olympic, Professional, and Collegiate teams, as well as individuals across all levels of athletics. The Edge Trainer was developed to train and enhance an individual’s core six visual skills, which has been proven to give athletes a competitive advantage through heightened overall vision. For more information on Vizual Edge or for the latest news and event announcements, please visit or @VizualEdge on Twitter.

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