Understanding New Athlete Features

on the Next Generation Edge Trainer

June 27, 2019

As a Vizual Edge athlete, you have three different options when it comes to training your visual processing skills. The three options are: My Plan, Open Gym, and Game Day Training. Each of these options is available to every Vizual Edge athlete and each option will use 1 session on a session-based account. Subscription-based accounts have unlimited access to each of the three training options.


The MY PLAN option is the most common training option in the Vizual Edge system. MY PLAN is your customized training plan based on your latest Vizual Edge evaluation. MY PLAN is customized using the scores from the 6 exercises in a Vizual Edge evaluation.  

MY PLAN is to be completed 3 times each week for 6 weeks. In order to move from Week 1 to Week 2, etc. you must complete 3 full training sessions in a 7-day span. You cannot do all 3 sessions in one day and move on to the next week’s plan, you will be required to wait that 7-day period, so it is recommended you do the 3 sessions throughout the week.

myplan 1


The OPEN GYM training option is the way to train outside of your recommended training plan. OPEN GYM allows you to freely choose which exercise you want to do and with what options. In OPEN GYM, you choose the difficulty levels, times, and sizes of the different images within the Edge Trainer. OPEN GYM allows you to continue training, even after finishing your recommended training for the week.


Have you ever gone into a game and felt a little sluggish or that it took a while to get going? The GAME DAY TRAINING option the ideal training option to do when you have a game, competition, or meet that day. GAME DAY TRAINING is a combination of the RECOGNITION and TRACKING exercises at different levels and variation. GAME DAY TRAINING is a great way to get your visual system firing up.

gameday 2

For more information regarding My Plan, Open Gym and Game Day Training, please visit https://vizualedge.com/resources.


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