Training Hockey Sense

With Vizual Edge

April 12, 2021

When coaches and general managers are asked what they are looking for the most in a hockey player, they always mention "hockey sense." As the game of hockey continues to get faster, hockey sense is becoming more and more vital. If you are unable to think the game at a high level, or are a step too-slow to react to a play, it can be very hard to reach your true potential.

In hockey, it is all about reading and reacting. As a play develops, your eyes help process the information so that you can make the correct play. The faster and more accurately you can process it, the better play you can make.

For goalies, anticipation is such an important component that also relates to how quickly one can quickly read and process a developing play and anticipate an incoming shot.

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How Does Vizual Edge Train Hockey Sense?

80% of sensory information is visual. This means there is a tremendous amount of information coming through a player's visual system that they need to quickly [and accurately] process in order to make the correct play or react first. This good news is Vizual Edge trains this skill and many other visual components all online, right from home!

One of Vizual Edge's most popular exercises, Recognition, is an exercise designed to improve visual processing speed and accuracy. This is done by flashing a sequence of arrows across the screen, and having the user quickly re-enter the exact sequence as quickly and as accurately as they can. The entire process is designed to improve the efficiency in which players can go from eyes -> brain -> body, which is the same situation players find themselves in constantly on the ice.

Improving your Recognition score by using Vizual Edge's Edge Trainer platform, skaters can improve reading of the game and decision-making, whereas goalies can anticipate not only where a shot will go, but also have the ability to anticipate a developing play.

By thinking the game faster and more accurately, it will be much easier to be in the proper position and make the right play. Using Vizual Edge helps in all areas of the game, including tracking, but perhaps none more important than hockey sense.

To learn more about Vizual Edge and the Edge Trainer program, please visit our Hockey page.

-Adam Micheletti, VP of Hockey, Vizual Edge
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