Villanova Women's Lacrosse Invests in Vision Training

Villanova Women's Lacrosse is the first NCAA Women's Lacrosse program to partner with Vizual Edge. The Wildcats will use the Edge Trainer to assess & train their visual skills to improve lacrosse performance. We're proud to partner with Villanova and...
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Leading Off The NCAA Baseball Season: Our SEC Analysis

Ahead of the start of the 2021 college baseball season (though it certainly doesn’t feel like baseball season yet throughout most of the US), we thought we might ride the wave of interest across the internet with a college baseball...
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Northern Illinois University Baseball Implements Vizual Edge Training

Northern Illinois University Baseball team has implemented Vizual Edge Training to their training regimen. "I'm a huge proponent of Vizual Edge. It gives our staff and players deeper insights into how their visual system impacts their performance," NIU Baseball Assistant...
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