How Vision Training Can Improve Your Pickleball Performance

We can all point to some positives we took out of the pandemic, whether it be new habits, hobbies, interests, or tastes we picked up with our increased time at home. One hobby I can point to is my budding...
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McKnight's Insights: Combating High Octane Fastballs

This likely isn’t news to anyone that reads this blog, but the average fastball in 2021 is again at a record high- it’s now over 93 MPH, and leaning on history, it’s apt to only climb when pitchers typically see...
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McKnight's Insights: Traits of Elite Athletes

Growth mindset is a popular term right now. Originally an academic topic from Stanford professor and psychologist Carol Dweck to describe individuals who believe his/her talents can develop through focus, planning and hard work, it’s now been adopted by schools,...
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