Breaking Down the Edge Score: Baseball & Softball

Vizual Edge’s composite Edge Score represents a snapshot of an athlete’s core-six visual skills. While it’s a nice benchmark number for athletes, parents, and coaches to track and improve with visual training exercises, the components that make up the Edge...
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Inside Vizual Edge Testing

Article from Brandon Hall Executive Director of Prep Baseball Report, North Carolina The spring season is on hold and most of America is stationed at home as the country, and world, fight COVID-19.  Behind the scenes, the staff at PBR...
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Scouting, Technology & Data Analysis In One Event - Prep Baseball Report

Article from Prep Baseball Report Since 2005, Prep Baseball Report’s mission has been to provide the most credible scouting and event platform to help players and recruiters alike. As baseball has evolved, so have we. Prep Baseball Report has recently partnered...
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PBR's Super 60 - Vizual Edge Recap

2020 Super 60 Showcase Recap This year at the PBR Super 60 showcase, Vizual Edge, an industry leader in visual skills assessments and training, put the prospects through a visual skills baseline test as part of the evaluation process. The...
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