New Contrast Tracking Exercise: Multi-Object Tracking + Contrast Training

Vizual Edge marked its 10th exercise on the Edge Trainer platform with the release of Contrast Tracking today. The newest exercise is an enhanced version of the Contrast Sensitivity exercise released in December. What is Contrast Tracking? Continuing the success...
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The Effects of Contrast Sensitivity on Hitting

Like Teddy KGB, elite hitters are always on the lookout for clues to what the opponent is thinking and going to throw next. As I've written about before, pitchers get top hitters out mostly by disrupting the batter’s timing at...
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Contrast Sensitivity Added to Vizual Edge Training

We have developed a new training exercise that tests your ability to distinguish between finer and finer increments of light versus dark. By adding this new exercise, Vizual Edge now has 9 exercises in total, making the Edge Trainer the...
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