McKnight's Insights: Traits of Elite Athletes

Growth mindset is a popular term right now. Originally an academic topic from Stanford professor and psychologist Carol Dweck to describe individuals who believe his/her talents can develop through focus, planning and hard work, it’s now been adopted by schools,...
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McKnight's Insights: How MLB Hitters Are Using Vizual Edge

We’re often approached by younger athletes wondering how to best utilize Vizual Edge’s online vision training program. Our answer: there’s no better place to go than directly to the athletes at the highest level, who use our system both as...
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SportTechie Panelist Recap: Seeing the Future of Sports Requires Great Vision

Last week I had the opportunity of being on a SportsTechie panel (hosted by Joe Lemire) along with a host of vision experts, to discuss the impact vison has on sports and the increasingly important role it will play in...
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2021 Super 60 Recap: Vizual Edge Testing

The 19th edition of Prep Baseball Report's Super 60 Pro Showcase on February 7th, 2021 was Vizual Edge's second year in attendance as the Official Vision Evaluation and Training Technology of PBR. Vision plays a critical role in baseball, and with...
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