The Effects of Contrast Sensitivity on Hitting

Like Teddy KGB, elite hitters are always on the lookout for clues to what the opponent is thinking and going to throw next. As I've written about before, pitchers get top hitters out mostly by disrupting the batter’s timing at...
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2020 Vizual Edge MLB Analysis - Part 2

In part 1 of our 2020 MLB analysis, we looked at the correlations of important statistics and how MLB players performed on their Vizual Edge assessment. In every component of our evaluation, it’s clear that players with better Vizual Edge...
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Vision in Football: Turning Good RB's into Great RB's

The importance of running backs in the National Football League (NFL) has become a hot topic across football throughout the years. Do you invest a high draft pick and long-term security into an RB? It’s a position where athletes take...
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Progression in Sports Tech: Baseball Player Development

While my past 15 seasons in professional baseball were all spent in scouting, one of my favorite times each season was after the draft when I could go visit our minor league affiliates (or visit our instructional league teams in...
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2020 Vizual Edge MLB Analysis - Part 1

I’ve written before about how Vizual Edge differentiates itself with its longevity as a test used by MLB teams for well over a decade. With most of the top hitters taking our visual evaluation each draft (including over 98% of...
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How MLB Teams Use Tech: MLB Draft

For decades, the only sources of information used to make decisions in the draft were scouts and their reports. Scouting staffs blanketed the country, at times aided by the scouting bureau, bird-dog scouts, and any other local trusted sources they...
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