Stuck at home and still want to train?

Vizual Edge to offer discounts on all subscription orders.

With the closure of schools and facilities and the cancellation of games and events, we understand that training opportunities are limited. By offering discounted subscriptions on our vision training program we hope to give athletes the opportunity to train safely from the comfort of their own homes. While practices and games may not be occurring, there are still ways to train and improve to put yourself in the best position when activities resume.

Subscription Price Changes

We ensure that your 3D glasses have been handled with the utmost care during the shipping process. All team members have been educated about the virus and given the proper resources to keep the workplace clean. Team members are encouraged to follow good hygiene practices, including frequent hand-washing and avoiding contact with one's face. Our shipping equipment and products are being sanitized with wipes regularly.

The best practice for cleaning plastic 3D glasses is to wipe the lenses with a soft cloth using a traditional glasses cleaner. The frames of the glasses can be cleaned using sanitary wipes or soap and warm water. While these glasses are durable and the lenses are unlikely to shatter, please be sure to handle with care when cleaning and to store in a safe location when not in use.

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