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Sharpen your core-six visual skills right from home using our web-based visual performance training platform, the Edge Trainer. Training plans are customized to each patient, and just takes 15 minutes, 3x a week to improve your visual skills & everyday activities.


vision training

Stereopsis (3D vision)is the highest level of fusion and is by far the most useful in making decisions based on the visual environment. Vizual Edge utilizes stereopsis through our Edge Trainer software when training to provide you with the most effective form of visual performance training and recovery.
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find your

training plan

  • Unlimited software access for 2, 3 or 6 months, beginning after baseline evaluation
  • Access to the Edge Trainer program from any laptop or tablet - perfect to use right at home!
  • One (1) set of premium 3D glasses - mailed directly to you
  • Initial detailed assessment & report with a breakdown of the strengths & weaknesses of your visual skills
  • Customized 'My Plan' training plan created for each user to enhance each of the core visual skills
  • Every 6 weeks, re-evaluate and provide updated training plan & reports based on progression
  • Access to 'Open Gym' & 'Game Day Training' to help get the visual system firing

the core six

visual skills

80% of sensory information is visual, thus it is critical to develop the core six visual skills in order to accurately create a comprehensive picture of what's happening around us. Understanding the six core visual skills allows optometrists, vision therapists, patients and athletes the ability to identify and correct visual weaknesses and enhance overall visual processing skills needed to make critical decisions and motor responses.
convergence small
Convergence is the ability to properly align each eye when an object is in close proximity or moves closer and judge their movement.
divergence small
Divergence is the ability to locate objects in the distance, impacting an athlete’s ability to anticipate and react.
depth small
Depth perception uses both eyes to locate objects in space to judge their distance, speed, and direction.
alignment small
Proper alignment creates no difference between the perceived location and actual location of an object
recognition small
Recognition is the ability to observe, process and recall a series of visual targets, and respond properly.
Tracking small
Saccadic tracking allows you to quickly and accurately locate the intended target while monitoring all aspects of the game.


the edge trainer?

The Edge Trainer is the perfect vision training tool supplement to in-office therapy or vision training, as it allows you to continue your training right from home by encompassing several core vision training exercises into one, easy-to-use, modern program that is the perfect way to streamline your vision training needs.

at-home training

The web-based vision training program is the ideal way to continue your training right right in the comfort of their own home, all on their own laptop or tablet. Custom, effective training plans created specifically for each patient that takes just 15 minutes, 3x a week. Often times, optometrists or vision therapists will prescribe the Edge Trainer program to more patients to train outside of the office, and focus more on patients needing in-person therapy and training. 


Part of the reason so many eye care practices love to recommend the Edge Trainer program to their patients is because they understand how cost effective our program is for being so incredibly effective. Depending on your vision training needs, we have a program fit just for you, for as little as $22/week. 

go at your own pace

Since the Edge Trainer is an online vision training tool, you can log on at any time to start your customized training program. Training sessions are ~15 minutes and should be regularly completed 3x a week. After six full weeks of training, we'll have you take a new visual skills assessment to see how you have improved and update your training plan as needed.
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Meet The

Edge Trainer

The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge delivers the most advanced vision training available. Backed by 30 years of research and development, the Edge Trainer’s proven system improves reaction time, positional and spatial awareness, and recognition.
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