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give yourself an edge

with online vision training


can't Catch up to high velocity pitches?

is your timing at the plate inconsistent?

struggle to pick up spin/OFFSPEED PITCHES?

+ Years
Working with Baseball Players at Every Level
Hitters Drafted in 2020 Completed Our Baseline Test
Completed MLB Draft Prospect Evaluations
+ Years
Working with Baseball Players at Every Level
Hitters Drafted in 2020 Completed Our Baseline Test
Completed MLB Draft Prospect Evaluations
  • "As hitters, we always want to see the ball better, but often don’t actually train this skill. Vizual Edge fills that gap for me. I’ve really bought into both their training program and pre-game warm up and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in focusing on this detail of their game."
    Infielder | Chicago Cubs
  • "I loved using the 'Game Day' training mode before games this year to get my eyes warmed up and ready to track pitches or ground balls. The Tracking and Pursuit drills were particularly helpful and became a part of my daily pregame routine. I will definitely be incorporating the same drills next season!
    Infielder | St. Louis Cardinals | 2021 Gold Glove Winner
  • "Baseball is a game that requires great vision to be an elite performer. We are very excited to be partnering with Vizual Edge to help our players improve their decision making skills, process information more quickly and improve their vision to see the game more clearly"
    Head Coach | University of Missouri
  • "I watched one of my players struggle with his ability to decipher pitches. In a very short amount of time, Vizual Edge gave him the ability to see better, compete and gain confidence in his game. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their game."
    16-Year MLB Career | World Series Champion
  • "Before it was a lot of swinging and missing, but after my training with Vizual Edge I cut down that swing and miss rate down by a lot."
    Vanderbilt Univ. Commit | PBR '21 Top 10 SS

meet the

Edge Trainer

The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge delivers the most advanced vision training available. Backed by 30 years of research and development, the Edge Trainer’s proven system improves reaction time, positional and spatial awareness, and recognition. 100% online and customized completely to you. Before, during or after a game, we've got you covered!


$125 OFF!

  • Unlimited software access from any laptop/tablet for 3 Months!
  • One (1) set of premium Vizual Edge 3D glasses
  • Initial detailed evaluation report based on each visual skill set w/ customized 'My Plan' training plan
  • Every 6 weeks, reevaluate and provide updated training plans & reports based on progression
  • Access to 'Open Gym' & 'Game Day Training' features to help get the visual system firing

see the

mlb training impact

More walks, less strikeouts and better overall performance are all possible with Vizual Edge vision training. 

See how Vizual Edge training impacted this MLB player during the 2020 season. Completing a My Plan, Game Day or Open Gym session with Vizual Edge ahead of a game can make a real difference in your performance!
Game Days Trained With Vizual Edge Game Days Not Trained With Vizual Edge
Games 19 16
ABs (PAs) 72 (83) 59 (65)
Hits 18 (+50%) 12
HRs 8 (+100%) 4
Ks (K%) 21 (25.3%) (-22%) 21 (32.3%)
BB (BB%) 9 (10.8%) (+40%) 5 (7.7%)
AVG 0.250 (+23%) 0.203
OBP 0.337 (+22%) 0.277
SLG 0.611(+44%) 0.424
OPS 0.948 (+35%) 0.701
wOBA 0.402 (+25%) 0.322

How vision training


Vision training is a program designed to develop—or improve—fundamental vision skills that are essential to sports vision performance. Vision training is used to improve one’s ability to make accurate eye movements.
What is vision training?
Vision training is essentially a method of teaching the eyes and the brain how to perform a skill more efficiently. Sight is a measurement usually designated by 20/20, 20/40. Vision is how the brain uses sight.
How can vision be improved?
Vision is something that can be learned and trained, but only with proper guidance. The visual system relies on past experiences in order to make judgments and anticipations for current and future experiences. Vision training needs to be consistent, customized and progressive, to ensure improvement. When these skills reach a high level of efficiency the visual system will continually perform at this level, increasing the speed and accuracy of one’s performance.
Is there a limit for improving vision?
Vision training is teaching the visual system a more efficient way of operating. There is no visual age limit, efficient visual skills can be learned at any age. Vizual Edge works to help the athlete learn more efficient visual skills.
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