Meet Our New Director of Baseball

Lukas McKnight

November 11, 2020

My name is Lukas McKnight and I’m the Director of Baseball at Vizual Edge. 

Luka McKnight, Director of Baseball at Vizual Edge

For the last 20 years, I’ve worked for the Chicago Cubs, first as a catcher, then as a scout (and crosschecker), and most recently in the front office, where I was the Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting. In that role, I wore many hats; I scouted the top amateur players across the country, I assisted in running the day-to-day of the scouting department, and I also served as a liaison between the scouting and R&D departments. As such, we were always on the lookout for new technologies and data streams that we could implement into our scouting process to help us make better decisions in the draft. 

During my time with the Cubs, I was frequently contacted by emerging tech companies with cutting-edge products that hoped to give us an edge in scouting players. But in these interactions, most companies’ pitches tended to fall short with their data. Often, they had an interesting idea or product with potential, but there wasn’t ample evidence to show that it worked. This is where Vizual Edge always separated itself: not only was Vizual Edge’s software simple to use and the evaluations easily understood, but the test was backed by decades of evidence showing how effective it was at predicting which hitters had the visual attributes to succeed as major league hitters. 

And anecdotally, I’d been an early customer and success story of Vizual Edge. I’d used an early version of the Edge Trainer system during my senior year of high school, and that season I was named the Player of the Year for the state of Illinois. 

Back to the present- it wasn’t easy to leave the Cubs, but I’m excited to come work with the Vizual Edge team once again. It’s staggering to see how far the company has come, both as a resource pro organizations use to identify hitters with elite visual traits, but also as a development tool that any hitter of any age can take advantage of to improve their core visual skills.

Moving forward, we’ll be using this space to dig in deeper on how scouting departments operate, different components of the Edge Score, how baseball teams continue to integrate technology into their processes, and how Vizual Edge can enhance your development as a player...and any other topics anyone else might want us to explore about scouting, player development, or technology in baseball.

I look forward to our journey ahead!

- Lukas

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