New Contrast Tracking Exercise

Multi-Object Tracking + Contrast Training

February 1, 2021

Vizual Edge marked its 10th exercise on the Edge Trainer platform with the release of Contrast Tracking today. The newest exercise is an enhanced version of the Contrast Sensitivity exercise released in December.

What is Contrast Tracking?

Continuing the success of our Contrast Sensitivity exercise, which trains the ability to distinguish objects against various background and light subtilties, we have incorporated multi-object tracking into the Contrast Tracking exercise. The combination of multi-object tracking and contrast training provides users with the unique opportunity to simultaneously train multiple visual skills.

Contrast Tracking has two tracking modes available: Saccades and Pursuits.

CT SaccadesGif
Saccades Mode in the Contrast Tracking Exercise

Saccades will utilize saccadic eye movements, having the user quickly shift focus from one target to another, while pursuits uses smooth eye movements to continuously follow an object. Both tracking modes incorporate contrast training as well, having the user identify which circle has the lowest contrast.

CT PursuitsGif
Pursuits Mode in the Contrast Tracking Exercise

The Contrast Tracking Impact

Every day we encounter situations where we are forced to monitor multiple objects at a time, whether it be driving and monitoring the car ahead of you switch lanes or a defenseman tracking the puck and the opposing forward on a 2 vs. 1, our eyes need to be sharp.

Vizual Edge's Contrast Tracking exercise trains two of the most important visual tracking skills with a contrast sensitivity aspect unlike anything on the market.

Baseball players can improve their ability to track a ball and keep an eye on a base runner to know exactly where to throw, while esports athletes can improve their target identification and ability to locate opponents in darker situations. Contrast Tracking can help athletes in every sport improve their visual performance!

Accessing Contrast Tracking

Our new Contrast Tracking exercise can be accessed within the Edge Trainer program for training purposes. To locate the Contrast Tracking exercise, log in to your account > select TRAIN > Choose the OPEN GYM training option > select the Contrast Tracking exercise.

If you have any questions about Contrast Tracking or accessing the exercise, please be sure to email

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