Leading Off The NCAA Baseball Season:

Our SEC Analysis

February 17, 2021

Ahead of the start of the 2021 college baseball season (though it certainly doesn’t feel like baseball season yet throughout most of the US), we thought we might ride the wave of interest across the internet with a college baseball post of our own.

One way Vizual Edge has differentiated itself as a sports technology company is its wealth of tangible metrics and information from having tested athletes on our software for over a decade and a half. As such, we have a wealth of data on players going back, and we’ve been able to then evaluate our scores over the entirety of a player’s career arc.

We’ve used that data and our analysis to bridge the correlation between our scores and MLB performance both in the 2019 and the 2020 seasons (Part 1 & Part 2). Though not at all surprising, it’s always encouraging to see that in virtually every statistical category, we find players with better Vizual Edge scores tend to perform better on the field.


While those are fun connections for us to find and make, Major League Baseball can seem a long way off and unrelatable for many youth and high school players. With that in mind, we thought we might also show how our scores correlate with college performance.

As we test players for each draft via our MLB partners, many of our scores come from college baseball players - and more specifically, the SEC. MLB clubs always target SEC players, who play in arguably the best baseball conference in America, when deciding to invest millions of dollars (and countless hours) come June. 

Building on that, we dug up SEC hitting statistics from 2010-2015 (a starting point in case we wanted to follow up on their pro performance) and looked at how our scores connected with performance in Division 1 baseball. We used any player with at least 50 ABs in a season during that time and took their top qualified OPS in that stretch.

Much like we found with players at the game’s highest level, NCAA hitters with top scores were also better at the plate - striking out less, walking more, batting for a higher average, slugging percentage, OPS and HR%. While we don’t have many of the more granular metrics we now have in Major League Baseball, we’d only expect those to show the same trends.

SEC EdgeScore Table

Highlighting Edge Scores above: players that scored 87.0 or above averaged a 0.903 OPS with a 13% strikeout rate, 11% walk rate and a HR rate of 3.6%! If those aren’t metrics you’re familiar with, just know that those are elite numbers in college baseball’s premier baseball conference.

Even if Major League Baseball seems too far in the distance to be approachable on a player’s development journey, know that training with Vizual Edge can help you become as complete a hitter as possible so you can take the next step in your path to success!

- Lukas

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