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the edge trainer
We’re glad you’ve decided to train your vision with Vizual Edge. Often overlooked in training regimens, vision training can provide the competitive edge you need to elevate your game. Enhanced visual skills improves athletes’ awareness, reaction time, visual memory, and confidence. Follow the instructions below to get started with the Edge Trainer and in no time at all, you’ll be amazed at what you see!
Set up
Device Profile
Once logged in to the Edge Trainer, click on Settings and follow the instructions to set up your Device Profile. You may have multiple Device Profiles under your account.
Use your arrow keys to move the red icon into the box. Press ENTER when the icon is perfectly situated in the box.
Proper alignment creates no difference between the perceived location and actual location of an object.
When you press START, a line of circles will appear on the screen. Using your keyboard arrow keys, move the arrow underneath the one circle that appears to float (3D-like) at a different level than the others, then press ENTER.
Depth perception uses both eyes simultaneously to precisely locate an object in free space.
Convergence &
For both the Convergence and Divergence tests, you will see two superimposed red/blue dotted boxes as one. Within the box you should be able to perceive a 3D diamond shape at the top, bottom, left or right in the box. Use your arrow keys to indicate which section of the box the diamond shape is located in.
Convergence refers to the ability to focus on objects in close proximity while divergence is the ability to focus on an object in the distance.
After clicking the START button, a series of blue arrows will flash on the screen. Wait until the arrows disappear, then using your arrow keys, indicate the direction each arrow was pointing, from left to right.
Recognition is the ability to view, process and respond to visual stimuli.
After clicking START, an arrow will flash at a random position on the screen. Using your arrow keys, indicate the direction the arrow was pointing.
Tracking indicates an athlete’s ability to search and scan a field of view.