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Prep Baseball Report North Carolina

April 24, 2020
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Article from Brandon Hall Executive Director of Prep Baseball Report, North Carolina

The spring season is on hold and most of America is stationed at home as the country, and world, fight COVID-19.  Behind the scenes, the staff at PBR is continuing to work to promote the game of baseball at the high school level, including players that are still working to finalize their plans for their college decision.

In the coming months, we hope to see everything get back to normal.  As we are allowed back on the diamond, PBR will have new evaluation and development tools for the high school athlete, allowing more feedback and direction from our events and tournaments.  Coming this summer, PBR will add TrackMan and Blast Motion sensors to gather pre-contact and post-contact information on swings, as well as advanced analytics on pitchers from release to the plate.  One other feature that players will benefit from is an eye test, specifically for hitters, from Vizual Edge.

The Vizual Edge eye test consists of players using 3D type glasses while working through some scenarios on a computer.  Using the computer’s arrow keys, players will work to select areas on the screen, lineup objects, and repeat sequences. 

The Vizual Edge testing has been around for a number of years and is utilized by Major League Baseball to gather more information on potential draft picks.  By introducing the technology at PBR events, players will be able to attain information on strengths and weaknesses.  Vizual Edge, with the information they have gathered over years of testing, can now assist players once they have taken the initial test, to improve players’ abilities to see and track the baseball.

In preparation for the summer testing, I was able to take the test, gaining a feel for the time it would take, and get a feel for what players will go through at an event.  Below is how I tested, remembering that in my prime I was a very average hitter for a pitcher.  Each category in the testing is discussed below, giving players a feel for what the testing includes.

CLICK HERE  to see how Brandon Hall tested with Vizual Edge

You can view the rest of the article here.

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