Breaking down 

the edge score

The Edge Score is a comprehensive score that takes the core-six visual skills into account, providing athletes, parents, coaches, and scouts with a benchmark number for assessing an athlete’s overall visual ability.
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General Edge Score trends based on player levels.

skill name

The skills you are graded on are in light blue.


Proper alignment creates no difference between the perceived location and actual location of an object. ‘A’ – athlete has ‘after’ alignment, suggesting late timing. ‘B’ alignment – athlete has ‘before’ alignment, suggesting early timing. Score out of 14, with 0 being a perfect score. 


The ability to focus on objects within close proximity and judge their movement. Score is out of 77.


The ability to observe, process and recall a series of visual targets, and respond properly. Score represents response time measured in seconds.

score ratings

Each skill is rated as Very Poor, Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent, or Superior.


Uses both eyes to locate objects in space to judge their distance, speed, and direction. Score is out of 100%.


The ability to locate objects in the distance, impacting an athlete's ability to anticipate and react. Score is out of 77.


Allows an athlete to follow an object while continuously monitoring all other aspects of the game

why it's important

to know your score


Athletes who are serious about their performance use their Edge Score to help them become a more competitive candidate for pro sports. The MLB and NHL currently use Edge Scores to evaluate players!


The Edge Score provides a personal baseline to measure where an athlete’s visual skills are currently at. Through training, following and showing improvement demonstrates your child’s dedication to performance and potential as an athlete.


While individuals can get their Edge Score, you can find out the Edge Score of your team as a whole, providing you with additional player assessment tools and methods to improve their game.


percentile rank

Percentile ranks show how the athlete compares to other players of similar age/level in the Vizual Edge database
skills percentile ve 01



Score table

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