The Learning Curve of Vision Training

Vision training is a specific procession involving procedures to improve visual function. This process can be utilized to improve a visually deficient athlete to obtain clinical normative values, or it can be utilized to further improve upon visual skills that...
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Looking at Eye Alignment

A study was published in the Journal of Human Kinetics that demonstrated the benefits of vision training in female athletes. This study not only shows how vision training can positively impact functional visual skills short term but also, how the...
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The Eye Test: The Importance of Vision & Concussion

Concussions are a hot topic for discussion due to the high incidence of athletes of all sports.  The CDC defines a concussion as a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or...
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Understanding Vision Training

Vision training is a program implemented to improve the efficiency in which the visual system is used. Vision training works to improve a long list of visual skills, improved visual skills can translate into improved athletic performance. Developing efficient visual...
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Vision Training & the Effects on Concussion Occurrence

An article published at the University of Cincinnati showed promising results in concussion prevention. According to this article, football players who underwent vision training as part of their pre-season workout showed a significant reduction in the incidence of concussions throughout...
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The Connection Between On-Base Percentage & Visual Skills

Over the past decade, Vizual Edge has recorded over 12,000 evaluations from MLB draft prospects. Currently, there are 118 players on MLB rosters who had taken a visual skills evaluation with Vizual Edge. We found that of those 118 players,...
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The Triple Crown of Baseball Visual Skills - Convergence, Recognition, and Tracking.

Baseball Players With Better Visual Skills Advance Further and Have Better On-Field Performance. Vizual Edge has been working with Major League Baseball teams for the last 15 years to help teams gain more insights into the visual systems of potential...
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Comparing Youth Hockey and Baseball Players

Working with youth hockey and baseball organizations, Vizual Edge has been able to collect hundreds of scores from players in both sports. The numbers below represent the average scores for youth hockey and baseball players between the ages of 13...
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Understanding New Athlete Features on the Next Generation Edge Trainer

As a Vizual Edge athlete, you have three different options when it comes to training your visual processing skills. The three options are: My Plan, Open Gym, and Game Day Training. Each of these options is available to every Vizual...
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Depth Perception In Sports

Dr. Barry L. Seiller 04/2019 We use our visual skills almost every waking minute and seldom give them much thought. These include not just your eyesight, but eye movements. Whether for sport, work, or general daily function, eyesight becomes second...
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