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November 23, 2020

Vizual Edge, a leading research and development company focusing on visual performance training for athletes, has linked up with 44 Vision Hockey, a leading hockey instructional group that offers state-of-the-art technology for players at all levels. The partnership aims to further the development of hockey players on the visual and cognitive aspects of the game.

44 Vision consists of some of the top hockey minds and combines years of experience at every level in the sport to give players an edge on the ice and the ability to reach their true potential as an athlete. With the dedication to providing players with the latest and greatest technology available for hockey players, the joining of forces between Vizual Edge and 44 Vision was a no-brainer.

44 Vision Hockey Adds Vizual Edge To Immersive Training 44Vision-Blue-copy

Founder of 44 Vision Hockey, Rob Schremp, had this to say about the partnership:

"We take pride in offering players the best resources possible to improve their game. Vizual Edge is a great tool for players to add to their arsenal to work on their vision and depth perception. Strengthening this part of your game is instrumental in being able to see the ice, track pucks, and make big plays as a player and goaltender. 44 Vision Hockey is proud to partner with Vizual Edge."

Vizual Edge created the Edge Trainer, a computer-based training module that combines 3D technology with decades of advanced clinical research in sports vision to sharpen neural pathways between the eyes and brain. With Vizual Edge already working with nearly 1/3 of NHL teams, a partnership with the USHL, and numerous collegiate and youth programs across North America, 44 Vision Hockey players will have the ability to evaluate, analyze and train their visual skills just like the pros and gain an edge on their peers.

44 Vision Hockey members will have access to special Vizual Edge pricing to get started training their visual skills ASAP to start improving their game!

Interested in vision training opportunities for your group? Please contact to get in contact with a representative.

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