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Become an Authorized Reseller

The Vizual Edge Performance TrainerĀ® gives athletes a competitive edge on the field and now the VEPT can give your facility or coaching practice a competitive edge as well! The new, web-based VEPT allows you to become an authorized reseller. This option allows you to share the VEPT with the athletes you coach as well as to add a unique service which differentiates you from other coaches or facilities.

Authorized Reseller - How It Works

Achieve greater earnings as an Authorized Reseller. Ideal for facilities and consulting coaches, becoming a VEPT reseller allows you to purchase VEPT sessions and glasses at wholesale rates and resell them to your clients.

Advantage to Authorized Resellers:

As an Authorized Reseller, you can enjoy a distinct advantage over Vizual Edge LLC: your ability to provide in-person and personalized support direct to consumers. The ability for consumers to receive direct, individualized support is something that cannot be provided by Vizual Edge and its website. This creates a significant opportunity for you to offer the Vizual Edge Performance Trainer and ongoing support direct to athletes and teams in your area.

Typical reseller scenarios include:

The Athletic Training Facility - Set-up a computer station and allow athletes to perform their training right in your facility. This allows athletes to get started with no risk. Create a full-service package which includes your personal coaching through the evaluation and training process. This allows you to create value-added packages or à la carte services to your clients. Provide additional glasses and sessions so they can continue their training from home.

The Consulting Coach - Are you the type of coach who travels a lot and works with lots of different teams? If so, players are already listening to your recommendations. Sign them up for VEPT training at your camps or clinics. Carry a supply of 3-D glasses to provide with the session package. It doesn't matter if you will see them again in person since you will add them to your account and be able to review their evaluation and training results online. Offer follow-up consultations as an added service or part of a larger package.

The Optometrist - Add Visual Performance evaluation and training services to your practice with very little investment. The patented VEPT technology does not constitute medical practice and lends itself to an ongoing client relationship. Like Athletic Training Facilities, you can either set-up a computer station for in-office training or sell the glasses so your clients can log in from home.

What To Expect

The VEPT is designed to easily evaluate the visual skills of athletes via the interactive computer software. The Evaluation is performed for each athlete at the beginning of their training program. Each evaluation is completed in about 15 minutes. One VEPT session is used for each evaluation. Re-evaluations should be performed every 8 weeks.

Athletes participate in Training Sessions approximately 2 times per week for about 10-15 minutes. One VEPTĀ® session is used for each athlete for each time they train. Most athletes train initially in a range of 6-30 weeks.

Each athlete can be expected to use 12-60 overall sessions depending on skill level, training objectives, and motivation. The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer usually requires minimal to no supervision from facility staff while in training mode.

Being an Authorized Reseller means you:

Becoming an Authorized Reseller does require a minimal purchase of sessions and glasses, but at wholesale prices which allow you to offer VEPT to your clients at a profit. Upon approval of your application, you will receive a kit which contains graphics and text to help you communicate the benefits of the VEPT to your clients. Further marketing support is also available.

Authorized Reseller Application

To get started now, fill out the VEPT Authorized Reseller Application below. We'll contact you with the rest of the program details.

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Help us help you! Please provide as much detail as possible about your business/facility. The more information you provide, the better - and quicker - we will be able to help authorize you.

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