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Greenberg hopes his new book inspires people to persevere

Pulling Out The Positives: Former Cubs outfielder Adam Greenberg hit in head with pitch on first at bat in majors, ended career

by: Ed Sherman
Chicago Tribune (5/10/2017)

Former Cubs outfielder Adam Greenberg was hit in the head with a pitch on his first at bat in the majors, which ended his career.

Greenberg got hit squarely in the head by a de los Santos fastball on the first pitch he saw in the big leagues. The errant delivery, which caused concussion and vertigo symptoms lasting a couple years, effectively ended Greenberg’s major-league career — with the excep- tion of an official at-bat with the Marlins in 2012.

Still boasting an athlete’s physique at 36, he now wants to use that one fast- ball as a way to help others.

Greenberg soon will release a new book, “Get Up: The Art of Perseverance,” based on dealing with his experiences. He lives in Connecticut, has a health and fitness company, Lurong Living, and is active with public and motivational speaking.

Greenberg insists people miss the point about what happened to him.

“It’s not just about ac- complishing your goal,” he said. “It’s about what you do to accomplish your goal. I worked hard to get there.



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