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Vizual Edge used to improve aim and depth perception in athletes.

Table Tennis Academy Founder Sees Great Improvement with Vision Training

by: Vizual Edge
PRNewswire (5/5/2016)

People from ages 5 to 105 can play table tennis, which is one of the many reasons the game has become one of the most popular sports in the world. The game propelled into the spotlight when it became an official Olympic class event in 1988.

Even celebrities are into the sport. "Table tennis has been growing rapidly since the introduction of Susan Sarandon's spin table tennis in bars, restaurants and clubs," says Alan Gulick, professional player and owner of North Bay Table Tennis Academy. "Academy's really took off after researchers announced that they found table tennis can slow effects of Dementia and Alzheimer's the baby boomers really got into the sport," said Gulick.

Gulick, a table tennis pro and elite athlete has never felt so confident in the game. "I was feeling slower than my competition, and I noticed that I was playing further back than my opponents," says Gulick who solicited training and advice from Sports Trainer Kelli Robinson.

After a consultation, and watching Gulick play, Robinson videotaped Gulick playing. "We videotaped him before we began training and then took another recording several weeks later and you could noticeably see the difference," said Robinson who firmly believes in visual training after conducting her own research. "I tried the program, and as a former professional soccer player, I wished they had this when I was playing. Vision is so important and can greatly impact playing a wide range of sports," said Robinson. Vizual Edge is a web based vision training program that many athletes say is compared to weight lifting for your eyes.

"Vizual Edge is a product based on intensive scientific research that was conducted by a third party and integrated into the visual system. This has greatly impacted the testing, training and is improving athlete's' visual skills through carefully designed visual exercises," says Ophthalmologist and Vizual Edge Performance Training developer Barry Seiller, MD, MBA. "Our program is a meticulously calibrated assessment of individual's' entire visual system, including depth perception, tracking, decision-making, reaction time, and concentration, all of which impact performance. As with any physical skill, some players are born with excellent visual skills, others have to work hard to develop it. VEPT is an assessment and more: it provides a customized training program to sharpen visual skills with measurable results."

Within weeks of using the web based program Gulick says his game noticeably improved. "I am now able to play at the table, hit the ball and have time to think and react," said Gulick. Robinson took another recording after Gulick started using Vizual Edge and the results were incredible. "You could see how much his aim had improved and that his depth perception improved," said Robinson who trains athletes in multiple sports and highly recommends strengthening your vision.

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