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You mean that sports requires activity above the neck? What a shock!

Sports Vision

by: Todd Hargrove

Sporting ability is to a huge extent dependent on quickly and accurately interpreting visual information. The key word here is interpreting – sports vision is not just accurately seeing what is there to be seen, it is using that visual information to make accurate predictions about what will happen in the next few seconds. In effect, this isn’t really a visual task at all, it is a task of the imagination that uses visual information as the primary data.

Sports that take place in a changing environment, particularly team sports, place huge demands on the athletes’ ability to make decisions in complex situations under huge time pressure. Elite athletic performers must therefore have an elite ability to process visual data quickly and make accurate predictions about what is about to happen.

I think sports vision training is an interesting and undeveloped area with lots of potential. It’s about way more than eyesight. “Look” into it. (“See” what I did there?)(And again!)


Sports Vision

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