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College Softball student-athletes find benefits from vision training


by: Spaniol, F.J., Seiller, B.L.,K. Puchalski
Unpublished survey (4/1/2005)

The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of NCAA DI softball players participating in Visual Edge Performance Training (VEPT), a software program designed to enhance visual skills. Eleven female subjects between the ages of 18-22 participated in the survey.The participants averaged 1.27 training sessions per week for 14.6 minutes per session for a period of 12.5 weeks.Results from the survey indicated that 100% percent of the subjects agreed or strongly agreed that visual skills play an important role in softball performance and 100% believed the VEPT actually enhanced those skills during this study.For example, 73% believed the VEPT increased their ability to “focus” on the ball, 54% felt the visual practice improved their concentration, while 73% agreed the training augmented their ability to “see” the ball.Furthermore, 55% of the participants felt these increases in visual skills improved their performance on the field.Specifically, 64% believed batting results increased, and 57% felt their fielding improved.In addition to softball performance, 36% of the subjects indicated that VEPT had a positive influence on their academic performance, while 45% of the subjects felt their reading concentration improved.Overall, the results of this survey indicate that a significant number of NCAA DI softball players participating in VEPT believed their visual skills improved, which they felt translated into enhanced performance.

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