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Sports Vision Training for Schools


The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer™ is an excellent and low-stress addition to any school or community team sport—all without hormones, drugs or extra wear and tear on young athletes’ bodies. Individual athletes can use VEPT to get that edge for tryouts and to raise their overall performance level. Athletes on a team can share session packages and Vizual Edge will still track and report on each athlete individually, using the EdgeScore® database. Vizual Edge doesn’t replace or interfere with regular practices and athletes work with the program at their convenience—at home, on the road—any time and any place there’s a computer and a web connection.

Sports Vision Performance Testimonials

Willis Wilson, Head Mens Basketball Coach<br />Texas A&M Univ. Corpus Christi

Willis Wilson
Head Mens Basketball Coach
Texas A&M Univ. Corpus Christi

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Vizual Edge has been a valuable tool for Islanders Basketball. Every member of our team has said how much it’s helped them in every area of their visual game. From picking up targets to depth perception to peripheral vision – our guys got better in all those areas. They also commented about how much it helped them off the court with their academics as well. I’m confident that using Vizual Edge made us a better basketball team last year, and we are excited to continue use it for the coming year.

Willis Wilson
Head Mens Basketball Coach
Texas A&M Univ. Corpus Christi

Pittsburgh Pirates

Carlo Alvarez, Strength and Conditioning Coord.<br>Pittsburgh Pirates

Carlo Alvarez
Strength and Conditioning Coord.
Pittsburgh Pirates

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I have had the opportunity of using and incorporating the Vizual Edge Trainer within my programs. I was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Cincinnati Reds from 2002-2004 and currently the strength and conditioning coordinator at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati.

"As a major league conditioning coordinator responsible for a major league program, minor league system and Latin American academies, you are always looking to find the cutting edge research, software and training techniques, to give your athletes the best chance of success.

"During our research we discovered that a baseball player's vision plays an important part in how well he performs day in and day out. Much like the physical development programs we designed to develop our players strength, speed and quickness, we could now incorporate vision training as part of their training routines.

"The Vizual Edge Program proved to us that visual skills can be taught, trained, practiced and enhanced. The benefits of the program are simple, to provide visual skills and training. The initial evaluation is approximately 30 minutes. The assessment provides a specific profile of the athletes strength and weaknesses. Once the athlete knows his strengths and weaknesses the program can be designed specifically for him. The training sessions usually take 20 to 30 minutes and should be performed at least twice a week.

"We had great success with the program and our athletes looked forward to vision training. I'm in the process of incorporate Vizual Edge into our strength and conditioning programs at St. X. I believe that the younger we can expose our athletes to vision training, the less they will have to compensate with their vision later in their athletic careers.

Carlo Alvarez
Strength and Conditioning Coord.
Pittsburgh Pirates

Dorri Goldschmidt, OD, Southern Focus Vision Center Sports Vision South

Dorri Goldschmidt, OD
Southern Focus Vision Center Sports Vision South

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I am Dr Dorri Goldschmidt. I am an optometrist in Birmingham AL and I am the CEO of Sports Vision South.
Sports Vision South is a high performance vision training center. We use Vizual Edge to evaluate and train the visual skills of our clients.
All athletes are aware of the importance of strength and conditioning to keeping in peak shape. One important area that coaches and trainers may not be working on is the visual skills of a player.
Your eyes provide most of the information you use on a playing field. Training your eyes ability to track precisely, to have focusing flexibility and have visual accuracy is key to performing at your best.
When we use Vizual Edge’s program we are providing strength and conditioning for the visual system. We train the eyes to be stronger and better.

Dorri Goldschmidt, OD
Southern Focus Vision Center Sports Vision South

Lydia Clanton, Softball Athlete

Lydia Clanton
Softball Athlete

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I just wanted to write you with an update. When Lydia first tested with Vizual Edge in Dec. 2013, she scored quite low, 10th percentile. Tonight (Oct. 2014) she tested for the first time in 6 months, and tonight’s score put her in the 99th percentile! She hit her first over-the-fence homerun this past summer….after years of struggling with her hitting. She is now very consistent with quality at-bats. Her fielding (infield) has always been above average, but this summer she really took it to the next level and her quickness and charging the ball has definitely improved. She does seem to have had an improvement in the classroom too! We are so excited, and I firmly believe Vizual Edge has helped take her abilities to the next level. She is now being recruited by some of the top Divison 1 softball teams/schools! Thanks so much for helping us get started last December! And for the skeptical parents (like myself), it is legitimate and it works! Don’t delay. This can help your daughter play to the top of her abilities! ~ Pam Clanton, Mother

Lydia Clanton
Softball Athlete

Sports Vision Articles

Texas Baseball High School Coaches Association - 2018 Conference

Barry Seiller - The role of visual skill and baseball

by: Dr. Barry Seiller
The Art of Coaching Baseball (1/12/2018)

Dr. Barry Seiller Presented The Role of Visual Skill and Baseball at the Texas Baseball High School Coaches Association 2018 Conference

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Vizual Edge on iPad and Android

Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Visual Conditioning Just Got Smarter

by: Christine Bachman
Chicago Woman (6/23/2016)

Vizual Edge is now compatible with Apple iPad and Android devices. Students and athletes alike can utilize the program to improve hand-eye coordination.

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Research has been scant on correlation between officiating and visual performance; new study shows

Why standardized vision testing, training crucial for sports officials

by: Barry L. Seiller, MD, MBA
Ophthalmology Times (4/15/2014)

Most calls by officials require correct quality of visual information. A critical call might be the difference between winning and losing for a team. Other visually based studies performed on athletes—including tennis, volleyball, and baseball—have shown that superior athletes possess superior skills. Research has shown that these visual skills, besides eyesight, can be measured and trained.

Officials have similar visual demands as athletes. Therefore, officials should have visual skills comparable to athletes. An official needs not only to be physically fit but also visually fit.

There are many examples of officiating calls that require superb visual perception:

  • Both feet or one foot inbounds?
  • Ball on one side of the goalpost or through the center?
  • Spike hit the line?
  • A 130-mph serve in or out?
  • Player offside?
  • Baseball hit the yellow wall line or not?

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Vizual Edge does meet visual demands for the sport of lacrosse.

Vision Training For Lacrosse Lacrosse Roads of America

by: Lacrosse Playground (7/16/2012)

This past spring our Indiana University Men’s Lacrosse goalies underwent sports vision training, with the help of the Indiana University School of Optometry (IUSO). Sports vision training has been implemented for various professional sports teams, guided by an optometrist who has done a residency in binocular vision therapy. Currently, vision therapy is underutilized at the college and high school level. There are no specific programs that meet the visual demands for the sport of lacrosse. The visual requirements to be a top tier lacrosse goalie could be considered the most demanding in all of sports when you take into consideration shot speed, shot release points (overhand, ¾, sidearm, and low), and shot distance.

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Vizual Edge puts vision training in the crosshairs of diamond success

Seeing is believing

by: Don Cameron
Softball West (3/22/2012)

Joe Kinsella, head coach of Lake Forest College softball, said Vizual Edge’s recent shift to web-based technology allowed him to seamlessly incorporate the tool into his team’s train- ing program.

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Just like any other muscle in the body, extraocular muscles in the eye get stronger with training.

Eyes On The Prize

by: Dr. Michael Zupan & Al Wile
Training and Conditioning (3/21/2011)

How much can sports vision training improve an athlete's performance? This is by far the most common question we receive here in the Human Performance Laboratory at the United States Air Force Academy. Unfortunately, we cannot quantify exactly how much sports vision training will increase a baseball player's batting average, a basketball player's shooting percentage, or a goalie's save percentage.

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High School Athletes Improve Performance on Court and In Classroom with Vision Training

Athletes reap benefits of Vizual Edge

by: MARK PERLMAN (8/9/2007)

"Evaluating and training visual skills provides a new tool to allow high school athletes to make it to the next level of play," said Dr. Seiller, who also performs Lasik surgery. "The earlier they are exposed to this training, the more impact it can have on their sports career." Deerfield High School was the first high school in the country to use this type of training for more than one athletic program. 

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The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer, which can help athletes improve their visual skills, is bec

Vizual Edge seen as 'weight training for the eyes'

by: Brendan Murphy (8/11/2006)

Just like weight training visual skills can be measured, trained, practiced and perfected leading to better play.

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